Specialists at providing expertise

Specialists at technicians,
engineers and leaders.

Our largest business areas are recruitment and hiring staff. We will find solutions for most requests but what we are proficient in are technicians, engineers and leading positions. Our clients are predominantly manufacturing companies and technology companies. Our vast organisational knowledge makes us understand the client’s businesses and the candidate’s expertise and their every-day-life, and that is why we can match the right business with the right person and vice versa.

Our catch word is thermals – upward wind. Cooperating with Codeq will contribute to develop and elevate your business.

Technician Pool News!

Is this true for you?
- We need more technical competence, but we don’t have the opportunity or the need for full-time technicians.
- We need more time to develop and to make our business better.
- We’re finding it difficult to recruit technicians with the right skills by ourselves.

Codeq has the solution!
Our pool of technicians solves your need of technical competence.

- Technicians that divides their time between different companies.

- Technicians that drives development and improvement work.
- Technicians with an area of expertise in the different areas of the technical field and sectors.