Technician Pool News!

Is this true for you?
- We need more technical competence, but we don’t have the opportunity or the need for full-time technicians.
- We need more time to develop and to make our business better.
- We’re finding it difficult to recruit technicians with the right skills by ourselves.

Codeq has the solution!
Our pool of technicians solves your need of technical competence.
- Technicians that divides their time between different companies.
- Technicians that drives development and improvement work.
- Technicians with an area of expertise in the different areas of the technical field and sectors.

Intresserad av att finnas med i vår Teknikerpool?

We are interested in anyone that possess any kind of excellence and that has the will and opportunity to work fixed-term interim tasks. Maybe you would like to be a part of our pool of technicians?

We are flexible when it comes to mode of cooperation, which can mean an employment at Codeq or that registered for Swedish F-tax. Employment is handled through Codeq Competence. The company has a collective agreement with the Competence Agencies of Sweden.

Vid intresse kontakta:
Magnus Ryberg
Tel. 0370 – 123 00