Codeq – local partner for recruitment

Specialists at technicians, engineers and leaders.
 Codeq is a recruitment partner that is deeply rooted locally who every year realise about 100 recruitments.

Our customers are usually manufacturing businesses and businesses with a degree of technical focus. We will find solutions for most recruitment requests but what we are proficient in are technicians, engineers and leaders. Out ambitions is to be the best supplier in his area.

Our experienced recruiters have a wide and deep organisational knowledge and move fluently between the different positions that exists in a company. Everything from manufacturing and technical services to services in economics, market and administration.

One of our strengths is our consultant’s vast operational knowledge. By understanding the customers, the organisations and the candidates needs, competence and task assignments, Codeq possess the necessary requirements to make a good match between candidates and companies.

A comprehensive and well stocked inventory of candidates gives us quick access to interesting candidates. We use established methods and tools throughout the process: personality tests, problem solution tests and behaviour analysis.

We pursue an effective recruitment process with a six-week deliverance from start-up to presenting a final candidate.

Recruitment services

We offer different recruitment services depending on the nature of the assignment and how much the customer itself wants to be involved in the process. We offer:

  • A full recruitment process
    • Advertised
    • Searched (hidden/confidential assignments)
  • Assessments of character and tests
  • Second Opinion
  • Search
  • Interim solutions
  • Hireing/Interim solutions


Privacy Policy

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Completed commissions

The following employments have been appointed to our employers by Codeq.

Complete recruitment process

Our most commonly used recruitment process is ”the full process”. It is also the easiest process for the client since Codeq is responsible from start to finish.

Our process for recruitment:

1. Requirements analysis and requirements profile.
2. Advertisement and search.
3. Selection.
4. Interview and reference sample at Codeq.
5. Candidacy interview with the employer.
6. In-depth interview and tests at Codeq.
7. Final interview with the employer.
8. Coaching/follow-up.


Our Tools

The right match between candidates and businesses demands, skilled consultants aside, carefulness and professional tools which is self-evident for us to be able to ensure the quality of the process and to fulfil our time of guarantee. Our tests are examined by STP, which is the foundation of applied psychology. The tools that we use when recruiting is:

Ascend, Map och Matrigma

MAP gives a detailed description of personality and can, with documented precision, assess the suitability for certain specific tasks in working life.

The test is derived from the five-factor model which is the most generally accepted model when measuring and describing personalities. In addition to five overall scales, the MAP 25 consists of sub scales where you, for example, are able to extract drive for results, ambition, decision-making, creativity, conscientiousness, communication and balance.

Matrigma is a classic ability test that’s based on a modern and secure web platform. Because of its non-verbal form it’s less sensitive for cultural differences that exists between individuals. The test explores the subject’s problem solving and reasoning and natural ability to infer logical connections and it’s a unique addition in guaranteeing a match between the right person and a certain work task.

Furthermore, we have access to other tests such as 16PF and BasIQ.


Second opinion

Second opinion is a powerful service that supplements the companies own process of recruitment to ensure a successful recruitment. Second opinion is an objective estimation of the candidate’s competence, personality and capacity performed with the help from reliable tools and professional recruitment consultant.

Our Second opinion process:

1. Conversation with the employer about the task at hand.
2. Initial conversation with the candidate and completion of tests.
3. Feedback on tests and an in-depth interview with the candidate about personality, competence and capacity.
4. A conclusion meeting with the employer which involves feedback and final discussion.


Search assignments means non-announced recruitment jobs. By using the inventory of candidates and through our extensive network, we can find and assign jobs confidentially, without public advertisement. There are several times when search is the best option. It can be a strategically important recruitment when a company needs to recruit a new leader/co-worker without going public and discretion is important. Search is also especially useful when relevant competence is very limited. That’s when search is the most effective method to process and attract candidates within a certain target group.

Many leaders and specialists see Codeq as a natural partner and call on us when they’re ready to proceed with their career. That means that we always have people that has put themselves on the ”transfer list”. Our inventory of candidates is especially useful in the areas that we’ve cooperated with the most: technicians, engineers and leaders. The modus operandi using search are largely the same as during a regular recruitment process. The big difference is the discretion.