Organisational development

From time to time organisational and operation development demands a new approach, an objective opinion, external competence and sometimes just capacity to develop the organisation. Our area of expertise is without a doubt HR and the process of providing competence, i.e. how, as a business, should you attract, recruit, develop, keep and let go of competence/staff.

Usually, we split our services into two parts: culture and structure.


”Culture always trump structure” i.e. what’s ingrained affects things more than what’s “in the books”. We help businesses develop company culture, attitudes and behaviour. Common services are to develop ground values, a policy for employeeship and leadership. It’s also becoming more common to work on the brand - Employer Branding – How do we, as an employer, be perceived by our current and future staff?


We help companies develop their routines and operating methods, mostly in HR. Most of the time it concerns tasks that focuses on future suppliance of competence and that’s when we identify competence and plans for development of competence.

It can also entail a construction of a HR manual.