We help elevate people and businesses!

Codeq was founded in 2005. Our headquarters is situated in Jönköping, but we’re also situated in Värnamo, Falköping and Ängelholm.

Our business concept is in part to be a strong turnkey supplier of recruitment and providing competence and in part to be a leading consultancy at developing organisations and leadership.

The company is owned by Christer Johansson and Sören Holmlind.

Codeq Competence is a subsidiary to Codeq, wherein the hireing organisation is handled.

We are an established partner in providing competence and developing leaders, teams and organisations.

Our main business line is recruitment and hireing personnel. We will find solutions to most requests but what we are proficient in are technicians, engineers and people in leading positions. Our clients are predominantly manufacturing companies and technology companies. Our vast organisational knowledge makes us understand the client’s organisation and the candidate’s expertise and their every-day-life, and that is why we can match the right organisation with the right person and vice versa.

Our catch word is thermals – upward winds. Cooperating with Codeq will contribute to develop and elevate your business.

Core Values- The backbone of our business.

We are and act:


We have a long-term view with our business, our service and our clients. Long-term relations provide a security for both parties, a higher quality in provided services and hopefully satisfied and returning clients.

Value creation

Our service and customer relations shall be value creating and considered to be of top-quality. We pay attention, are diligent and thorough in our work procedures.


Our services require respectfulness and integrity. Our behaviour is characterized by mutual respect to reliable, genuine and generous relations. We are humble to the customers organisation and corporate business are handled with confidentiality.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability to Codeq simply refers to our value words and our business culture. Through a long-term, value creating and respectful conduct we want to develop and elevate people, teams and companies.

Sustainable development in reference to people, environment and future generations is self-evident and a prerequisite to our organisation. The work for sustainability is strategically important to us and an ongoing process that we with regularity follow-up, evaluates and improves upon.

Our sustainability policy guides us in our strategical focus and in daily work in relation to ourselves, our customers and other interested parties.

We abide by the legislation and other demands, such as minimum requirements, that concern us and are constantly looking to improve our sustainability.

"I’ve always been impressed by those who has learned gliding, it’s not about the ability to handle the airplane, but the pilots search for thermals. How do you find the upward winds that allows the plane to fly higher without engine power?"


Christer Johansson, CEO Codeq AB


”The similarities between gliding and Codeq are striking. Because no matter if we’re talking recruitment, developing organisations or competence or coaching, the aim is to find the upwards winds, thermals, i.e. what makes businesses and people elevate themselves.”

Christer Johansson, CEO Codeq AB